Never Never Land

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Scroll baby, scroll.

Frances Dilone: The untold story of a teenage con-artist

My head hurts. It’s like I feel all this pain but I still feel nothing. Im very alone, and I’m afraid that my life will be this constant feeling of dissatisfaction accompanied by shame and pity. Having to be with myself makes me question how anyone could even stand to be around me for minutes on end. I understand why people run away from me.. I understand all the things that are not right with me.. I understand that I am incapable of having anyone love me. Im a black hole. Deceitful. Memorizing, but only because I sell a lie. Breakfast at tiffany’s anyone?

I was bulimic but I was skinny..

I hate everything I’ve become and I deserve everything I’ve gotten

I’m terrified.. this is exactly how it happened the last time. I want out before I’m in too deep.